Join a North Pole bound charter starting at $390 (from Berlin, Germany)

Posted on April 10, 2013 by in Uncategorized and AirBerlin have teamed up to provide sightseeing flights to the North Pole. Flights start from Germany and run for 12 hours (I guess there is no stop :). Prices have just dropped to EUR 299.

We make reaching the pole a whole lot easier for you and invite you to join us on the second Polar Sightseeing Flight from Berlin, operated by airberlin, Germany´s second largest airline. The maiden flight from Berlin Tegel in 2012 followed a series of five successful polar flights from Düsseldorf between 2007 and 2010. Our next flight on 27 April 2013 will depart either from the new BER airport or again from Tegel – we'll keep you informed.

Our comfortable Airbus A330-200 will depart Berlin-Tegel for our 12 hour flight over the Arctic to the North Pole and back.

You can expect an exciting routing through the Arctic on the way to the pole and back, as well as dedicated catering and inflight entertainment incl. Arctic-specific lectures by scientists than join us for the trip.

On the way to the pole, we usually overfly Svalbard, better known as Spitsbergen, in cruising altitude. It will depend from ad-hoc ATC permission if we can fly a bit lower. In case of good weather, you can expect interesting views even from higher altitudes.

We then continue towards the 90°N North pole position where we circumnavigate the world twice – in both directions. At the present location, we will be just as close to Alaska as to the North Cape in Norway. The distance to Northern Canada is only 750 kilometers from here, we are much closer to the American continent now than to Europe.

If you happen to be in Europe consider this one. It's a good conversation starter for every cocktail party…"last week when I flew over the North Pole"…