Cheers from the Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Posted on April 29, 2013 by in Travel Deals

I had a great time at FTU D.C. – thanks for all of you who came over and introduced themselves! I met many friends from FTU LAX and sincerely appreciate the new connections.

I left FTU DC yesterday afternoon and boarded LH417 with the old F configuration for Frankfurt. Even with the old seats it turned out to be a fantastic flight with Lufthansa shining at it's best. Extremely attentive flight attendants, wonderful food (especially the presentation!) and just a flawless experience. I even felt the seat on the A330 was better than on the A340 (which I flew in F before).

The Lufthansa First Class Terminal had eluded me so far as I was only flying Lufthansa F into Munich/ Frankfurt but not from Frankfurt.

This has changed now – I spent the last 5 hours here and it's a great place. The service is very personalized and again super attentive. It's not as spacious as I thought but few people hang out (and nobody does it for 8 hours like I do!).

I'm looking forward to the car transfer to my next flight – the A380 to NRT soon 🙂

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