United Club Lounge San Francisco (SFO) Review

Posted on March 7, 2013 by in Travel Deals

I'm waiting for my outbound to Seoul Incheon and have setup camp in the United Club at the San Francisco International Airport.

While conditions at the United domestic terminal are one of the worst in the country the International Terminal and the United Club here are one of the best.

It's really airy and spacious and has tons of seating space. Even with a lot of Asia-bound flights leaving at this hour it's not crowded in here.

There is a full bar but the food offering are pretty dire.

However the Internet is probably the fastest Internet I EVER had ANYWHERE. It's unbelievably fast.


There are also plenty of newspapers if you are into reading offline material.

There are also tons of electricity outlets and a great view towards the tarmac. I really like it here!