Crown Plaza Eilat Hotel Review

Posted on March 31, 2013 by in Travel Deals

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OK you guessed it – I chose this property because of the IHG BRG. I had no illusions about this property and kept my expectations low.

The hotel is located directly at the Eilat Marina which is a very nice spot in the 'Israels Las Vegas'. Eilat is built around an airstrip and tourist traffic moves around the airport when coming and going to he hotel area. There is also a (tacky) shopping strip along the waterfront. Most of Eilat looks like a 70's builders dream gone wrong.

The Crown Plaza stems from teh same time. It does have a very nice pool area for lounging in the sun though and is just 2 mins walking from the Eilat strip with tons of (mostly tacky) restaurants and shopping options.

The room had a similar layout as in the the Crowne Plaza Jerusalem. It's relatively spacious but the bathrooms are in dire need of renovations. The beds and mattress were pretty good but overall the rooms are tired as is the hotel.

Book the Crown Plaza Eilat Hotel here.

The Internet is free and very fast though.

The Gym was equipped well but on a 'for charge' basis ($6 for 24 hours).

The service was a bit reluctant – a friendly and knowledgeable front desk but nobody picked up the service calls from my room. If you go downstairs you will need to hunt down service personal.

The breakfast ticked off all the typical Israeli options (Salads, Breads, Omelets, Cheeses etc) but most of the items were low quality. The coffee bar served some delicious espresso drinks though.

The going rate for the hotel was $200 which is quite steep for a rather mediocre hotel.

I think the hotel is perfectly fine for a quick overnight on your way to Jordan but something to be avoided for a longer stay. There are a number of better hotel choices in town.