Asiana Business Class Lounge Review at Incheon Airport South Korea

Asiana Airlines has grown to become a worthwhile competitor to 'Korean Airlines' and has upgraded lounge facilities very nicely. There is a separate First Class lounge and Business Class lounge for Asiana (and Star Gold) passengers.

The Business Class lounge is staffed by uberfriendly lounge attendants who seemingly cant do anything else but be nice and smile. Something that's rare to find in many airline lounge in the US.

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The lounge comes in a conservative yet chique style with plenty of space and seating options. However this was a busy Friday and it was hard to find any seat.

The buffet was under constant 'attack' from hungry lounge users and the drinks were lukewarm due to the constant refilling of fridges.

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The food options were basics carbohydrates and no high quality offerings.

The Internet was ok – not really fast but given the many devices in peoples hands it was surprisingly useable.

A shower appointment though was not being offered without a one (!) hour wait. Clearly that's too long. There are however free 'public showers' at the airport which can be used by all passengers.