An update on my hotel theft case

Posted on February 5, 2013 by in World of Hyatt

A quick update on my pending case. The GM called this morning and he was polite but unapologetic. He gave me a quick pep talk along the lines 'Since I'm in this hotel no theft has ever happened. If an item gets lost it's always the guest who misplaces it and sometimes calls us back and sometimes not. We DO NOT lose anything.'.

I think it was pretty bad – clearly I was at fault from his point of view and a theft in his beloved hotel is all but impossible.

I pressed several times to at least waive the charges which he eventually agreed to. I was asking about a coverage of the 'insurance policy' or what Hyatt will be able to cover. His answer was this is unlikely that anyone of the two will cover this. The whole conversation was like talking to a lawyer on the other side of a law suit – there was no hospitality spirit – it was professional but cold.

Frankly I feel let down by Hyatt so far. They have tried to pin it on me. Diamond status (mine will expire in the end of February most likely) or not the guest is always at fault. They have not investigated beyond the initial key sweep. No video surveillance was checked. An employees was quickly interviewed and then case closed.

Later today the local police department called and they found the bag! It was dumped in a local park. They say fingerprints are unlikely to be lifted under the condition it is in. The cash is missing, no surprise there, but some of my cards including credit cards have been found.

I'll keep you updated on the progress.