TripAdvisors Travelers Choice Awards 2013

Posted on January 17, 2013 by in Travel Deals

Now we all know that Tripadvisor can fool you into relying on the wrong side of reviews. Still I find the aggregate option, taken with a grain of salt, quite useful.

They have published the TripAdvisor Travelers Choice list with some interesting finds.

In general Four Season seem to do very well anywhere in the world. The list has a number of Park Hyatts and a few Sheratons. I had a hard time finding Hilton’s and Marriotts in the Top 25 luxury hotel category. Aman hotels are almost completely missing although they are getting top votes on Flyertalk- maybe too few people end up paying the $800++ rates?

Here are some unexpected listings:

A Crown Plaza as a top contender in all of Israel? I’ll be staying there in March so I’ll be able to tell you more.

An airport hotel rated as one of the richest country’s top luxury hotel? I have been there several times and really loved the hotel. The neighborhood is brand new (but a bit remote) as well. I’ll have more in a detailed trip report soon.

I heard many good things about this hotel and plan to stay there later this year. Still surprised it’s that well ranked.

This hotel get’s lot of rave reviews so maybe no surprise. I look forward to my stay later this year.

A US hotel rated the worlds Top Luxury Hotel. Quite a surprise.

The Park Hyatt Hamburg is a fantastic hotel in one of my favorite cities. We had a great stay there in August 2012. It’s certainly at the top of Germany’s (mostly aging) luxury hotels.

Just had afternoon tea there last year – but it’s consistently in the top lists anywhere.