Hyatt Regency Sha Tin Hong Kong Review

Posted on January 22, 2013 by in Travel Deals

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As mentioned before I initially booked the Courtyard Marriott in Hong Kong for our stay but decided in favor of the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Sha Tin later on. First I found a good rate at a Canadian hotel booking website and Hyatt matched it with a 25% discount as per the terms of the BRG program. Second as a Hyatt Diamond I could apply one of my suite upgrade certificates (they only allow that on a paid stay unfortunately).

The taxi ride to the hotel from HKG airport is about 35 minutes and costs HKD 260. Now Sha Tin is in the 'New Territories' which are part of the islands territory the British leased from China back in the 19th century. As per the lease terms it needed to be returned in 1997 (Hong Kong island technically was never in need to be returned). Sha Tin is big suburb and in typical Hong Kong fashion features it's own skyline of condominium buildings instead of office towers. It's dominated by transport options, the river and green jungle hills.



The hotel has 24 floors and the lounge at the top floor overlooks the river and all the multiple transport options which makes for quite a sight in Hong Kong – this is no L.A. freeway 🙂

The suite we received was one of the best I have seen in any Hyatt. It was very modern (as was the whole hotel) and huge. It also featured a mini kitchen with fridge and convection oven.









bath room

Bath Room

I really loved the lounge spread in the morning and for evening appetizers. While the selection wasn't extensive it was of fantastic quality. The foie gras, the cheese selection, the breads, the cold cuts were some of the best we ever had in any hotel or restaurant. Even days later we were still craving the grapefruit juice and the Brie cheese.

exec lounge

Executive Lounge

drink selection

Drink Selection

drink selection2

Drink Selection2

eveneing appetizer

Evening Appetizers

snacks evening

Evening Snacks

Daytime temperatures were in the high 60s but the pool was really cold – it wasn't really heated. The Jacuzzi wasn't really warm either – but the winter is short enough in Hong Kong I guess.



The gym is one of the best equipped I ever have ever seen in a hotel – lot's of cardio and weight machines. Tons of additional equipment and all brand new.

Needless to mention the internet was really fast as well.

I found the service to be 'Hong Kong' style – efficient, quick but not exactly warm. Now I'm not a big 'service snob' – I love new hotels with superb amenities and that's exactly what the hotel provided. So this was certainly one of the best hotels in terms of 'hardware' I've been to. Plus it was great value at about $100!


Sha Tin Monastery


Sha Tin Monastery

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