Delta again can’t see business class award space on Air France

Posted on January 10, 2013 by in Air France/KLM Flying Blue, Delta Skymiles

The amount of seats on Air France using partner programs like Delta and Alaska has decreased over the last couple of months. Gary detailed the situation back in September. There has been speculation that Air France is restricting seats or Delta unwilling to book into (O) class for its mileage redeeming customers.

So far it has all been speculation and the answer is still out there.

Delta did not have access to transatlantic Air France award space from early January 2013 until June. After that seats showed available most of the time. I booked a round trip using Skymiles for 4 from JFK to Germany and the return to SFO in July/August recently.

I was monitoring (O) space for the route SFO- CDG in September 2013 during the last weeks. It showed available on both and for certain dates. But since this morning that has changed. Transatlantic award space now seems to be blocked again up until late October. The first available flight seems November 7th from what I could find.

Delta again can't see business class award space on Air France

Delta business award space SFO-CDG


Air France business award space SFO-CDG


Delta business award space IAH-CDG


Air France business award space IAH-CDG

I called in and the very friendly agent was equally perplexed to not see a single seat on SFO-CDG in all of September/October. But there was (no surprise there) nothing she could do.

This was supposed to be my last major Delta miles redemption – I truly hope at least some inventory comes back.