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My 14 Favorite things to do Yakutsk

IMG_0882 My 14 Favorite things to do Yakutsk – Understand Yakutsk is becoming famous for one thing – its extreme climate that has allowed it to be the coldest big city on the planet. Temperatures regularly drop to minus 60 degrees here (that’s almost as cold as Antarctica on most days in winter). The city has 300,000 […] Read on →

My Favorite 25 Things to do Cape Town, South Africa

IMG_9443 My Favorite 25 Things to do Cape Town, South Africa – Understand Cape Town needs no introduction – it’s famous for its incredible scenery, quirky weather and European ‘savoir vivre’ lifestyle. The former British ‘Cape Colony’ has been getting much cheaper since the harsh devaluation of the South African Rand. It’s now starting to become a […] Read on →

LAX Arrivals and Departures Guide

LAX Arrivals Introduction to our LAX Arrivals and Departures Guide… If you’re visiting LA or heading out of the city by air, then it’s likely you’ll be using Los Angeles International Airport on your travels. It’s one of America’s largest international airports, as well as the biggest and busiest in the Greater LA area and the state of California […] Read on →

An AirTrain JFK Guide for travelers to New York

AirTrain JFK What’s the AirTrain JFK? AirTrain JFK is the 24/7 intra-airport monorail system at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, which also serves as an elevated railway outside of the airport. It’s 8.1 miles long, has 3 lines and is operated by Bombardier Transportation all day, every day of the year. If you ever wondered what the […] Read on →