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My Favorite 12 Things to do Houston

My Favorite 12 Things to do Houston – Understand Houston feels like another country; the city is a mix of Los Angeles, Singapore and Dubai. It is obsessed with cars, comfort and affordability and is a gigantic suburb that keeps sprawling in every direction. But unlike other cities, Houston has been very successful with this concept; […] Read on →

My Favorite 17 Things to do Austin

My Favorite 17 Things to do Austin – Understand Austin is the blue dot inside a sea of redneck Texas; it’s easy to believe that this city is the best of both worlds. In a sense, it is – people in Austin are exceptionally friendly and warm and they combine the hipster-ish elements of Austin with […] Read on →

My Favorite 14 Things to do Mendoza, Argentina

My Favorite 14 Things to do Mendoza – Understand Mendoza is right across the majestic Andes from Santiago de Chile and is an agriculture hub. Wine and olives are major exports from the region and an amazing 1,200 wineries call the region their home. Mendoza and Cordoba are the warm heart of Argentina, with more […] Read on →

My 23 Favorite Things to do Santiago

My 23 Favorite Things to do Santiago – Understand Chile has the most developed economy in South America; Santiago will make you feel like you landed in Frankfurt in Germany or even Singapore. Yes, many of the original Latin American influences are intact in Centro and Recoleta but if you go further east, the city morphs […] Read on →

My Favorite 36 Things to do Lima

My Favorite 36 Things to do Lima – Understand Lima is a jewel of a city. The weather is temperate here year-round (though winter and spring see the most fog). The city has several clean, urban and still affordable neighborhoods right by the sea. The views are spectacular and the locals are friendly. To sum it […] Read on →

My Favorite 25 Things to do Moscow

My Favorite 25 Things to do Moscow – Understand Moscow is quintessential Russia – even more so than St. Petersburg; this is where all our ideas about Russia come together – foreigners and Russians alike. Moscow is a busy city and most of the Russian oil money ends up in Muscovite bank accounts and trickles down […] Read on →

My Favorite 13 Things to do Yekaterinburg

My Favorite 13 Things to do Yekaterinburg – Understand Yekaterinburg (also called Ekaterinburg) is the capital of the Sverdlovsk region and is the connection point between European Russia and the Siberian outposts. The weather reflects this geographic position with a continental climate, but with a less extreme character than Novosibirsk or Yakutsk. Yekaterinburg is located 5 […] Read on →

My 14 Favorite things to do Yakutsk

My 14 Favorite things to do Yakutsk – Understand Yakutsk is becoming famous for one thing – its extreme climate that has allowed it to be the coldest big city on the planet. Temperatures regularly drop to minus 60 degrees here (that’s almost as cold as Antarctica on most days in winter). The city has 300,000 […] Read on →

My Favorite 25 Things to do Cape Town, South Africa

My Favorite 25 Things to do Cape Town, South Africa – Understand Cape Town needs no introduction – it’s famous for its incredible scenery, quirky weather and European ‘savoir vivre’ lifestyle. The former British ‘Cape Colony’ has been getting much cheaper since the harsh devaluation of the South African Rand. It’s now starting to become a […] Read on →